Do you know about investment? If yes, that is good but don’t know then you should learn about it. Investment is provision for your rest of life to become financially healthy and helpful in future at any uncertainty.

Nowadays it is a necessity of life, survival is not an easy task with our dream and goal of life. It gives you strength and freedom to fulfill your and your family’s needs financially. Whatever you are earning, you should adopt these habits of saving and investment at the early age of life.

Every person can do it, income does not matter but for adopting these habits you should be aware of it. Less income or High income both can save using investment tools as per their capacity. Young and older can adopt these habits. There are no age barriers “Jab Jago Tab Savera”.

What is investment?

“The act of investing money in something to encourage foreign investment”

– Oxford Dictionary

Yes, as per definition you should invest money in something.

Something means where your money will invest, transform and generate more income as well as create wealth for you.

Invest in investment tools utilization by other people for scaling, improvement and starting new products or services. Investment possible in two different ways first by individually or mutually as a part group.

Individually, a person can earn money but cannot spend on consumption, mutually can earn more return on investment and can spend more on consumption to satisfy expenditure on goods during a particular period. (Read More on Investing for Beginners)

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Objective of investment

Every person has different goals and dreams in their life.

The Objectives of investment are safety, income and capital growth.

But one thing is common: everyone wants to become rich, happy and financially healthy.

You can opt to invest in something as per your capacity.

Some investors choose the

Safest Mode : secure their money with low rate of return

Moderate Mode: they do dare to invest money with average expectation and generate more income.

High risk Mode:  eager to invest money for a long term and experience the power of compounding to grow their capital.

Goal Based investment


Did you understand investor types? If yes, let us start about goal based investment.

 Without a goal you cannot survive life, you are here with some objective will related your life and responsibility.

 If you want to invest money in something, you have to define your goal and on this basis start investment.

 Your goals may be retirement planning, child education, buying a car, buying a home, foreign tour, and starting a new business so on…

 Above planning is necessary to fulfill our goal during this life, as per requirement we have to invest money in different tools.

 Long Term duration


Already i told you about the investor type and how to start with goals. Let’s start a discussion about the duration of investment.

While planning you can think about short term goals and long term goals. 

But short term objectives always give you average return and you find it not worthy for you because it will show you average rate of return against your capital.

You will start comparing the returns of the same investment higher than you earn in your capital, because you are using it after every three or five years.

Finally your assets become nothing, you will lose your compounding interest and year of investment because every time it is not possible to start investment again to reach your goal.

Long term is beneficial to all types of investors to get better return on investment and magic of compounding.

Long term creates good and more wealth for you and your family.

You don’t require to watch your fund value frequently.

You should be disciplined and regularly invest in any tool for a long time. It always creates good wealth for you.

But every three year you have to analyze your portfolio or fund value for betterment with alternatives to change to another fund, if applicable.

Think Today, Better Tomorrow


Do you regret not starting investment ever before?

“When you Invest, you are investing a day that you don’t have to work”

– Aya Laraya

Answer is whatever, no matter. Those times and days will not return but we have to face this pandemic till the virus finishes.

For your first salary, congratulations to you!

But did you invest a small amount of your salary, no because it was the reward of your work of the last 21 year (from your childhood). It doesn’t mean to enjoy it with friends and arrange a small celebration.

You should start your personal finance planning for the future and achieve your goals one by one.

It’s time to start investing a small amount in something, if you don’t have an idea about it then learn it or ask for it. 

Start early investment at a younger age till long life you will have a good capital fund, such investment creates good wealth for you.

So you can think now, it will automatically be better tomorrow with the power of compounding on your fund value.

Pre & Post Retirement


It is simple to understand pre-retirement and post-retirement time.

Your income source starts at a younger age, it is beneficial to you because your income comes every month till retirement age.

Be a regular employee or running a business or private employee, you are earning sufficient or good income every month.

Small amount is invested in something regularly because you have a high risk capacity age, you can have to bear loss and profit. In the future you earn a good return on the investment of a small amount.

Post-retirement also there are alternatives to invest in something with the safest mode, your invested money will be secure and you will get appreciation on invested amount.

It may be average, less than average return on your investment but chances of loss is less or will be guaranteed.


I hope this article gave you a good idea about the overview of investment 

Everyone can start as per their risk capacity, and you can create good wealth at the end of your retirement or to achieve the goal of life.

The Importance of duration in investing money brings you happiness and a healthy environment financially.

Early investment is a necessity of life in pre-retirement and post-retirement situations.

Do not keep your money in the savings account, it should be used by someone, you will get good appreciation on your investing amount.

Any questions? Leave a comment.